It was seven years ago now, a distant time, and I was a little twit of a child in 7th grade. My group’s assignment? Create a comic book about grammar. I’m not sure what our teacher had in mind: perhaps V’s and A’s with eyeballs and capes, warning the reader not to dangle their participles in public (and if you must conjugate, please wear a condom), but whatever her expectations were, what we created was nothing like them.

I was sort of sucked unexpectedly into the project. At the time, it was composed only of ffanatic and our mutual friends Mark and Steve, who had already done most of the framework and concept art. Somehow, I ended up doing most of the drawing (even though I’m not much of an artist), and the result is perhaps the strangest and most offensive grammar comic book (if not the only grammar comic book) in existence. Entitled 7 Mexicans and a German, it chronicles the adventures of seven unemployed Latinos and their Teutonic friend Hans as they fight against poor grammar. The comic features a large Italian getting blown into gibbage by a shotgun that uses parts of speech as projectiles; a giant mechanical Panda, and a variety of ethnic-foodstuff-based vehicles.

You know you’re doing something right (or horribly wrong) when something from the 7th grade still provides this much entertainment. Check it out.

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3 Comments to “7 Mexicans and a German”

  1. Brady says:

    Ah, racially insensitive and crudely drawn junior high projects. How I miss them. Relatively high concept for 7th grade, though.

    Let me guess: somebody drew Alfred E. Neuman from one of those “How to Draw _______” books from the school library.

  2. ffanatic says:

    Ahh, Memories.

    I haven’t had that much fun on a school project in years.

  3. Andy says:

    You shall bring that to Nebraska when you visit.

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