What the hell is this?

Bruce Wayne undergoes some sort of mystical ninja training like a bad Van Damme flick? The Batmobile is an ATV? This looks like nothing but a bunch of big names with cameos in a bad movie. Blah! Michael Keaton and Tim Burton must have shat themselves when they saw this.

§588 · April 29, 2005 · ·

2 Comments to “But there’s no rubber nipples, at least”

  1. chris says:

    Tim Burton made a pretty looking Batman movie, couple of them actually, but left out the most important part possible in any Batman story – who is that masked man anyway? Batman, more than any other superhero, (nevermind the fact he’s not actually a superhero but a vigilante as he has no powers) is the he is truly two people. He is the child who will never let go of his parent’s death. And he is the adult trying to live in the adult world. And this movie is supposed t be far far closer to the story told in the actual comics – based on Frank Miller’s Dark Knight. The ATV part, well that does make little sense – I likes Tim Burton’s Batmobile. Classic.

  2. Andy says:

    Based on Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, actually.

    I don’t know what I think. Hopefullt they avoid things like character development and plot, and just make with the buttkicks.

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