Well, she died. Despite all the internet jokes at her expense, Terri’s case was incredibly difficult and sad for all involved.

I only wonder if we’ve seen the last of this, or if the Schindlers will slap Michael with a civil suit or some nonsense like that.

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3 Comments to “Knell”

  1. Blue says:

    I think a civil suit is already in the works.

  2. S4R says:

    I didn’t see the case as being difficult at all. Court rulings ad nauseam ruled on the side of her husband. Add to that her life was clearly not a life. Her family was acting out of a misguided and selfish need to keep her alive at the expense of the American taxpayer.

  3. Ben says:

    Uh, difficult in terms of “taxing” or “exhausting.” The legality here wouldn’t even be tested if it weren’t for issues of knee-jerk morality.

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