After Lauren regaled us with the strange search terms by which some of her 110’000+ monthly visits find her, I decided to go through my access logs and see if I had anything similar. Though dominated mostly by people searching for stuff about Ye Olde 96er or LeGuin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,” mentioned in several of my entries, there were a few choice phrases.

  • cat vagina
  • i got my girlfriend sick
  • gynocological exam video
  • teenage sexual practises
  • duck-billed platypus attack in ohio
  • men who wear speedos
  • uses for dead cat
  • courtship rituals for the platypus
  • mitosis jokes
  • cleansing vegetables
  • human sundae
  • thrashed by my girlfriend
  • dissertations of biding energy of nuclear physics
  • christian mouthbreathers
  • stripped dead bitch

Amazing what people search for. How did somebody get my site by searching for “cat vagina”?

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