Having been reading quite a bit of Lauren’s excellent work lately, her Friday Random Ten inspired me to flip foobar2000 to random and see what happened. Wonderfully enough, I got some excellent tracks, though this time a little heavy on the metal/rock genre. In that my “modern” folder alone is composed of 96gb of audio, 10 tracks isn’t exactly an accurate cross-section, but such is life.

  1. The Mars VoltaFrances the Mute • Cassandra Geminni
  2. The Six Parts SevenThings Shaped in Passing • Now Like Photographs
  3. Godspeed You Black Emperor!Lift Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven! • Atomic Clock
  4. SacrilegeLost in the Beauty You Slay • Fettered in Shackles of Light
  5. Symphony XV • Rediscovery Pt. II – The New Mythology
  6. Yann TiersenLa Valse des Monstres • Le Compteur
  7. Cult of LunaSalvation • Into the Beyond
  8. AnthemaSerenades • J’ait Fait Une Promesse
  9. FarmakonA Warm Glimpse • My Sanctuary in Solitude
  10. Van der Graaf GeneratorTime Vaults • Black Room

Hmm, let’s go a further ten.

  1. Second ComingSecond Coming • Tonight
  2. Spock’s BeardSnow • Carie
  3. Trail of TearsProfoundemonium • The Haunted
  4. JamiroquaiEmergency on Planet Earth • If I Like It, I Do It
  5. No-manFlowermouth • Simple
  6. Iron & WineOur Endless Numbered Days • Sunset Soon Forgotten
  7. JellyfishSpilt Milk • Hush
  8. AntimatterSaviour • Holocaust
  9. William ShatnerHas Been • That’s Me Trying (feat. Ben Folds & Aimee Mann)
  10. Gustav Mahler (c. Bernstein)10 Symphonien • Symphonie Nr. 1- Feierlich und gemessen, doch nicht zu schnell
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