the star describes her apogee
with butterfat.
the constellations trace with vine
and dirt makes shapes that no one sees.
two hatpins dance a tango brief;
a matchhead gives a eulogy
before it bows to wax.
a branch begets a leaf, unhappily.

the morning to the wren is not bewèd
as on death the insects prey,
but wrens bewèd to song the robin,
and usher thus a sun
as pale as chardonnay.

a fruit bequeaths a seed to be a tree
which harvest reaps and lays to rest
in amniotic sleep.

there are gods inside a breeze,
who set the stalks and stems to dancing;
again the grain would hypotise
the butterflies,
whose wings make waves a world away,
which, waking it, realise
the synergies of simplicities,

the font defines its flow
with lithium.
men drunk on liquid silver
cut their pointed teeth to slivers
on the edge of partial windowpanes;
in the ruin of their dentistry
creating snow in which to play,
in which the imprints of their feet remain;
their breathsmoke fades away.

Two together greet the sun
(defining thus the apogee),
and bind the incompletes to light.
They are such inseparably.

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  1. S4R says:

    This will lack a comment on the poem, but I wanted to say I love the new template. :)

  2. Ben says:

    It’s one I used in the times before I had blogging software. It’s in my site archives. I forget where I found the graphic: otherwise, I’d patch it up and submit it to the WordPress Codex. Essentially, though, it’s just a skin of the default Kubrick theme. Anyway, I’ll work over the weekend on tweaking it for better lines and such, but I’m pretty happy with it.

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