I bought a used anthology of Greek philosophy for a class this semester, and flipping through it one day happened upon this photograph (click for full version).

16May04 078 One Hour Photo

Cameron experienced a similar phenomenon with his English book. What is it that makes such things so fascinating? His love letter is even better than my photograph, because one can just imagine the motivations behind its author. We love to graft imaginary qualities upon the unknown entities we encounter. It’s the catalyst behind a creative writing assignment: give this baby-holding female a backstory. Whose baby is it? Who is she smiling at? Why is she smiling?

If it were funnier, I’d say “Let’s do a caption contest.”

§495 · February 1, 2005 · ·

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  1. Andy says:

    Oh, man… to me an invite like that is like saying “Here, eat this last donut!” But I just don’t have the time right now. And my butt is tired from sitting. I’ll give it a go sometime.

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