Perhaps more than any other person in the media, Bill O’Reilly troubles me. The man is a belligerant prick, it’s true, and that so often gets in the way of accurate reporting. Then, too, he seems to have an obvious Rightist bias (he’s on FNC, for goodness’ sake!).

And yet he’s a charmer, and sometimes he says things that come out of left field and completely baffle me.

Consider the recent “Philidelphia 11” incident, as reported here by Snopes. 11 Bible-thumpers were arrested for disrupting a gay pride event, which put the Grand High Poobah Bible-thumpers up in arms about the unfair application of First Amendment laws. Read up on it, and then consider what O’Reilly says.

But I still — I’m still very troubled, Mr. Fahling, with all due respect. I don’t know whether this kind of a confrontation serves Christianity by telling somebody they’re going to go to hell, that they’re an abomination.

We’re all Americans here. You may disagree with their lifestyle, you may think it’s sinful, but to go in and to confront somebody in that fashion seems to me to be overly aggressive and anti-Christian.

{The O’Reilly Factor. 3 January 2005.}

WTF, mate?

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