2003: how my cup runneth over. 2004: take it or leave it. Following a somewhat disappointing year for CDs, I think 2005 will have some truly excellent releases, at least from the current pillars of the musical pool.

Opeth: after a baby for lead singer Mikael and a new wife for guitarist Peter, Opeth are looking to record a new album soon.

Opeth’s management, Northern music are still negotiating with several recordlabels. At this point there are no information about who might be the (lucky) label that gets to release the next Opeth opus. Speaking of which is currently being written (between changing diapers) at the Akerfeldt household. Hopefully to be recorded in the late Spring of 2005.

Opeth official website

I’ll be blunt: the Deliverance/Damnation duo didn’t knock me off my feet. Deliverance had too much filler, and Damnation was too meandering. Still and all, I look forward to seeing what they manage to product next.

Ulver: Trickster G. have been yanking our chains about Blood Inside for some time now.

We just have to release the BLOOD INSIDE. It is running cold and the brain is receiving it and interpreting and transmitting again and again and again. It is making us sick. A baroque thing, beyond all good taste.

Jester Records [October 20 2004]

As well, they’ve just released a 2:47 sample, which has me quivering. It’s slated for release sometime next year. Hopefully sooner than later.

Fiona Apple: To be fair, I don’t actually know that Extraordinary Machine will come out in 2005. It was finished in May 2003, but Sony/Epic shelved it because they didn’t think it would make them enough money. I bitched about it in October and offered the leaked title track for download. The folks over at FionaApple.org are trying to start a grassroots campaign.

We are still waiting. And it’s safe to say that February 2005 was just another false projection.

It’s time to do something. A movement has started for an international, week-long mail campaign to flood Sony with evidence of our support for Fiona and the release of Extraordinary Machine. Examples of items that will be sent include anything with an apple theme: an apple or a carton of them, a plastic apple, a photo or drawing of an apple, a postcard, etc, with a note or letter to Sony stating that you want them to release Fiona’s album.

FionaApple.org: Enough is Enough

Nine Inch Nails: I can only assume this will come out in 2005. It’s certainly due: the last proper release from Reznor was The Fragile in 1999. It scares me a bit, however, in that Reznor is quoted as saying the album will be made up entirely of monophonic voices: “no chords.” Not sure what to think about that.

october twenty eighth.

the mixing of the new record has begun with alan moulder. the final tracklsiting is being discussed and determined. the live band is becoming real. things are in forward motion. there is no turning or looking back.

Nine Inch Nails official website

The Mars Volta: Though they are, apparently, truly horrific as a live band, De-Loused in the Comatorium was one of the best albums of 2003, and I have high hopes for the upcoming Frances the Mute. I managed to hear a sample on a Top40 website somewhere, but managed to lose the link after a reformat.

9/7/2004 5:42:00 PM

The Mars Volta have been hard at work all summer long on the follow up to Deloused in the Comatorium. We are happy to confirm that the name of the new album is indeed Frances the Mute. Our friend Storm Thurgeson has been kind enough to do the artwork again. As for a release date, and all the rumors going around the web – the band are still working in the studio, so it’s a little early to say. Will keep you posted.

The Mars Volta official website

Ephel Duath: This death-jazz outfit from Italy also made my list of favorites from 2003. Abou keeps agonizing about the slow trickle of information about it. The official website doesn’t have much to say.

“we’ll start to record the new album titled “PAIN NECESSARY TO KNOW” at the end of November. Stay tuned for more news!” – Davide Tiso.

Ephel Duath official website

The representative of their label (who posts on the same message board as I do) had them answer question recently, though, which was a bit more illustrative.

We are currently workin’ on last couple of numbers for “Pain Necessary to Know”: hopefully we’ll enter in studio next january in order to release the new album within springtime 2005……..buy it! Davide Piovesan (the one behind the drum kit…..)

Ultimate Metal forum: Ephel Duath are here

Tool: I only really started liking Tool as of 2001’s Lateralus, a strikingly intricate beautiful piece of work. Like Nine Inch Nails, Tool tends to have large gaps between releases. But the wait is (hopefully) over.

Carey said he hopes the new Tool record will be ready for release by the end of the year, but he added that it may not be issued until early 2005 in order to avoid being lost in the Christmas shuffle.

MTV: Tool Hammer Away at New Album

Unfortunately, it’s a rather old source, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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2 Comments to “Looking ahead into 2005: music”

  1. Jeff says:

    “The Mars Volta: Though they are, apparently, truly horrific as a live band, De-Loused in the Comatorium was one of the best albums of 2003, and I have high hopes for the upcoming Frances the Mute.”

    Absolutely horrendous live. I was very disappointed; De-Loused is an excellent CD. Hopefully this one will be good, too.

    Also, Ulver: what are some good albums to check out? I have Svidd Neger, which is pretty good. What else is good?

  2. Ben says:

    Depends on your taste:

    Bergtatt: Folk/Black metal
    Kveldsjanger: Entirely acoustic, folk affair
    Nattens Madrigal: Raw black metal
    Themes…: Combination electronica and metal
    Perdition City: Electronica

    They’re all good in their own right, except for Nattens Madrigal, which is little more than a curiosity. Personally, I really like their latest EP, A Quick Fix of Melancholy.

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