LONDON, England (Reuters) — A group of Christian protesters in Scotland has called on police to prosecute a theater company for blasphemy because it is putting on a play about a gay Jesus…

“Jesus Christ is being portrayed here as a foul-mouthed, drunken, promiscuous homosexual and that is an insult to my faith,” Green told BBC Radio.

…bwahahahahaha! If you can’t handle a stranger suggesting things about your omnipotent god, then something is seriously wrong with you. You have to love how the director responds to the “foul-mouthed, drunken promiscuous homosexual” line, though: “He is not portrayed as a drunken foulmouth.”

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  1. Andy says:

    What about a play featuring an ax-murdering Buddha? Or a Mohammed who enjoys dressing pigs in high heels and dancing the rumba with them? Or a Darwin who sniffed paint on The Beagle? Would these plays even be allowed to be staged? (No, because of “tolerance.”) Would they be deemed hateful? (Yes, and rightly so.) When would their protesters begin marching? (Opening night.) Or bombing? (Sooner than later.) I think the director should thank the guy for the exposure, ponder his good fortune that he only has to worry about a lawsuit, be grateful that someone who lives out his or her Christian beliefs would not stoop to more, and quit feeling like he is being persecuted.

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