(I’ve resurrected this thread in honour of Firefox’s 1.0 release)

Get Firefox!

Get yourself a better browser. If you’re still using Internet Explorer, you need to know that the United States government, Slate (Microsoft Network’s tech zine), more or less every security group in existence, and most of the computer experts on the net advocate using a different browser.

Opera costs money, Netscape is bulky. Mozilla Firefox is an open-source, completely free, lightning-fast browser for every popular computing platform. Do yourself a favor and download it today. Version 1.0 has now come out.

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5 Comments to “Take back the web”

  1. ffanatic says:

    I second this on every level. Do it now!

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m sticking with .9 for now. Too many problems updating it last time.

  3. S4R says:

    The only problem I’ve run into with 1.0 is that a few of my themes aren’t yet compatible — certainly not an issue that will cause me to downgrade.

  4. Ben says:

    Generally speaking, you can open up the theme’s jar file and edit the .rdf. There’s a line that refers to max compatibility. Change whatever number is there to 1.0. Technically, there could be issues, but I did it to the Mostly Crystal theme and also to the DownloadWith plugin, and no adverse effects yet.

  5. S4R says:

    It worked! Thanks, Ben.

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