…deux, due, dois, duos, doi, daou, dy, y-ergu, divi, dva, dwa, du, do, deka, dui, ori, sin, ariyo, róu, hinka, ndi, ni, nyi, cab, and many more.

Basically, 2 years is the anniversary I’m celebrating today.

Aren't we cute

She’s great.

§428 · October 28, 2004 · ·

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  1. […] On the 28th of October, I celebrated my 2-year anniversary with my girlfriend, Allison. I already wrote about that. But two days later, we sojourned north to the Brookfield Zoo. It was a bit chilly (cloudy and windy, too), but the fall leaves were gorgeous. I didn’t remember the Brookfield Zoo at all, since I haven’t been there since probably grade school. My most vivid zoo memories come from the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, NE, where I’ve gone more times. The worst thing about the experience was all the kids, whose parents dolled them up in costumes and prodded the little brats through the exhibits. Some of them were kind of cute, like the drooly, sleeping babies in lion costumes, but others, the three and four year olds in ninja costumes chasing the peacock with plastic swords while the parents gave a disinterested “Tim, stop that…” before giving up. […]

  2. […] On the 28th of October, my girlfriend, Allison, and I celebrated our fourth year together (see writeups for our third and second; the first predates this blog). What began sixth months ago as the vague intentions of going to see something on Broadway eventually morphed into a weekend-long celebration that involved a lot of driving. […]

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