Fate’s Cruel Design points to some interesting online quizzes (not the WHICH SUPERHREO [sic] ARE YOU?? variety, but, you know, good ones).

Religion Selector • Secular Humanism (100%), Unitarian Universalism (96%), Theravada Buddhism (80%). I vaguely remember this quiz from several years ago, but I have fundamental problems with it (they’ve changed it since then, however) in the way it lumps some thing together, such as the obvious Atheist answer, Agnostic answer, and Apathetic answer all into one. There are probably better quizzes in this vein.

On the Issues • (The political philosophy quiz) Moderate Liberal, Personal Score, 65%; Economic Score, 22%. In terms of political/economic spectrum quizzes, I still think the Political Compass quiz is better. I took that a while ago and scored —Economic Left/Right: -7.00 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.10—

Oh, and the superhreo I’m most like is Mr. Fantastic.

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  1. Andy says:

    Now, guess what religion I am. Hmmm…

    And where’s the superhero quiz? That seems more entertaining to me (i.e. will tell me something I didn’t know.)

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