1. Because of the way Windows writes the master boot record, and the fact that my operating system is stored on a SATA hard drive (which is treated as SCSI) means that whenever I want to reinstall Windows (which is often), I have to temporarily disable my 2 IDE hard drives in the BIOS.

2. Because of a new BIOS revision for my board, and a bug apparently in it, turning off the hard drives also turns off the CD-ROMs, even though they are on two separate channels, with a separate on/off option for each.

3. Because of who-knows-what, the latest nLite created a lackluster altered copy of Windows XP. Specifically, it didn’t properly integrate the drivers for my southbridge IDE array and took out theme support (even though I hadn’t checked that option).

4. Because I had to physically open up my case and unplug the two IDE hard drives in question in order to get a good installation of Windows, I noticed that the video card which I just replaced because of broken fans…. has broken fans.

5. Because of the fact that the AGP slot supplies fan power, and I can’t be sure that I troubleshot this well enough before, I am under the sneaking suspicion that in fact that video card is fine, and my motherboard is shot.

6. The idea of waiting a week and a half without a computer during the RMA process makes my guts hurt.

7. Damn.

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2 Comments to “WTF, my BIOS is SOL”

  1. ffanatic says:

    Ouch. You have my sympathy.

  2. abou says:

    Dude, do you know what this means? You have to stay at school longer so we can talk.

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