The unfortunate thing about blogging on a website read by one’s friends and known about by at least a few members of one’s family (and even a few coworkers & colleagues) is that one is not quick to talk about length about personal issues. I’ll ramble on about emerging technological trends and my favorite albums, but my own day to day issues have generally seemed a bit sacrosanct.

One area where I probably have not been as vocal (February 12th was the last such time) as I should be is Allison, my girlfriend of close to two years.

Allison sometimes wonders why I never get mad at her. Lovers have their tiffs and bad moods and insecurities, but I never seem to vent any anger or overtly criticize or become indignant with her. The answer is simple: every day, good or bad, busy or relaxed, I am reminded, either by myself or through her actions, what a truly extraordinary and beautiful woman I have ended up with. I can’t ever get mad at an extraordinary and beautiful person, even if she thinks she deserves it.

In many ways, 2 years seems like a ridiculously short time to have been together. Long gone are the days when, having just met her, I would pass her in the hallway, open my mouth to speak a pleasantry like “Hi…” and find myself unable to utter a syllable, so bashful and smitten was I, head over enormous heels. I don’t need to tell you the story again (read the above link), but it would be unfair of me to devote so much space here to technology and politics without nodding to the person in my life so much more important than any computer or election. That looks at me and sees not a lanky, disgruntled dork, but someone worth spending time with. Someone worth giving her heart to.

She’s heard it a thousand times from me, but here it is again, readers be damned: I love you, Allison. Completely. You are worth a million computers and imported Swedish rock albums and I cherish every moment we’re together.

To everyone else: I’ll post more politics and technology tomorrow.

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  1. Allison says:

    I love you too!

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