When you’re sick, everything takes on a surreal tone. Maybe its the fact that the congestion in your head makes sound feel muffled and far away. Perhaps the watery eyes give everything a wavy overlay. Perhaps I’m just out of my mind from the decongestant. Regardless, the only good thing I can say for having sinusitis is that it’s hard for anything to affect me much.

I’m currently fixing a laptop for my urologist. Something’s definitely wrong with it: either it’s a configuration issue, or his hard drive is dying. I’d like it not to be the latter, but I’m afraid that seems like the most likely cause. It always pains me to work with other people’s computers. For being an older man (he’s now retired) whose expertise is in penises and bladders rather like microchips and software, he’s actually pretty knowledgeable about his laptop, but that doesn’t stop his task bar (after a reboot) from filling up half the screen. And he uses AOL. !!!!

I’m going to be engaging in manual labor this afternoon. I’ve no idea what, but I imagine it’ll involve lawn care or something. When my employers see that I am a sniffling, wheezy wreck, they’ll probably fuss and insist that I take it easy. Normally, I wouldn’t bother working in this condition, but they’re giving me my paycheck today, so I will work regardless of my condition.

Cool thing #2 about being sick: my voice, which is fairly deep anyway, takes on a Boris Karloff tone. Granted, it’s somewhat nasal and I mumble, but a neat trick nonetheless.

I stayed home yesterday. I didn’t feel like bothering with my two classes, Foundations of Western Thoughts and Information Systems Analysis and Design. Luckily, I get paid vacation for work, so that covers my hours. I felt like a kid again, having the house to myself, watching movies and drinking hot tea and filling my wastebasket with snotty tissues.

I got my girlfriend sick. Or perhaps we both got sick at the same time. I feel awful for her though, since fall is insane for her, and she can’t really afford to be sick. My mother is coming down with something too. It won’t be long before my father has it too, and perhaps even the cats will join in, getting an eye infection or something, so we’ll all be infectious and coughing up puce-green mucous and going through tissues like a 15-year-old boy with a fast internet connection.

Innit fun?

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