With all due credit to George Carlin.

  • People who get emotionally invested in high school football games.
  • People who think female empowerment and sexual empowerment are the same thing.
  • People who think sexual empowerment and exhibitionism are the same thing.
  • People who drive SUVs in the city.
  • Men who wear Speedo underwear, or worse, men who wear Speedos to the swimming pool.
  • Anyone who believes the Atkins diet will have no harmful consequences.
  • Internet users who substitute letters for short words, such as “r u there, m8?”
  • Christians who believe the most important part of Jesus’s martyrdom to be his suffering.
  • 12-year-old girls who wear short skirts and tanktops.
  • Straight men who hang out in lesbian chat rooms.
  • People who send unsolicited e-mail about SPAM blocking programs.
  • Anyone who believes rap music to be valid iconography for black culture.
  • Philosophy majors.
  • Vice presidents.
  • Poor people with really nice shoes.
  • Anyone who believes Kurt Cobain had something important to say.
  • Mac users (Sorry, Andy)
  • Mothers who let their kids run wild in public
  • Large woman in shirts than don’t entirely cover their stomachs.
  • People who say “Correctamundo.”
  • Whatever shortsighted twits decided that it’s alright to let kids kill foreigners at 18, but not drinks beers for another three years.
  • Smokers who sue the tobacco industry because they “didn’t know it caused cancer.”
  • Country music fans.
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5 Comments to “Some people I could do without”

  1. Andy says:

    (Breaking news music)

    Ron Burgundy: Good day. In an unimportant development, Andy has no major disagreements with Ben’s list of people he could do without.

    Turning to other news, I sleep now…

  2. Allison says:

    No, “Happy 22 Months Allison?” lol you suck. Just kidding. I agree with everything you said though.

  3. Ben says:

    Oh no! Are you a country music fan? Or worse yet, a Mac fan?

  4. dont worry about it says:

    You forgot vegitarians

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