Economic Left/Right: -7.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.10

Take the test yourself:

What my score means, basically, is that I’m a socialist. Certainly, I understand that there are flaws and limitations in a socialist system, but where aren’t there flaws? Our capitalist system sure as shit isn’t self-regulating: we’ve injected so much government oversight into our politics and economy that the only thing laissez-faire is our goddamn environmental laws, thanks to W. Bush.

For all the critics of universal healthcare systems, I say this: Canada has both a UHS and one of the highest standards of living in the world. No surprise that Canada’s also one of the more socially liberal countries: it’s legalised gay marriage in several territories and decriminalised marijuana.

I’m going to stop writing here before I begin to rant like a madman.

§367 · June 17, 2004 · ·

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  1. Brady says:

    I took that test awhile ago, but I retook it to refresh my memory, and I stood pretty consistently at Economic left/right: -6.75 and
    Social libertarian/authoritarian: -4.67

    So I guess you trust businesses a little bit less than me, and I trust human nature a little bit more than you.

    Listener was practically off the scale down and to the left, as I recall.

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