Woman wins $369M rollover suit

For those of you who don’t feel like reading, the story basically says that a woman whose Ford Explorer rolled over (when she was in it) and paralyzed her has won a large lawsuit against Ford. Ford plans to appeal, contending that the Explorer meets federal safety standards.

They seem to be ignoring that fact that all SUVs are dangerous, not simply for the driver, but even more so for other people on the road. Not only are they dangerous, but they’re gas-guzzling icons for American crapulence (emphasis on ‘crap’). What better to ferry around a nation of chronically obese arseholes than large, smoke-bellowing boats?

I’ve long been an opponent of SUVs, ever since I was old enough to read reports explicating their physical and environmental danger. Even when gas is only $1.50 (less than a third of what the average European pays), there’s no reason to be getting 9 mpg (Hummer H2) in a “Sport Utility Vehicle” that will never utilize its “sport” or its “utility.” This whole design came from aging soccer moms and dads who felt too fuddy duddy ferrying their kids around in a (safe, relatively fuel-efficient) minivan, so they started driving these vans-cum-viagra instead.

Now Bush, instead of pushing more environmentally-friendly fuel source (he gave lip service to hydrogen, which won’t be viable for another decade), gives tax breaks to people who buy SUVs. In some cases, small business owners can purchase an SUV for practically nothing.

Here are some excellent articles:

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In short, SUV drivers tend to be shitkickers.

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