My office moved today. It wasn’t my choice: I rather liked my previous office, deep within the bowels of the Academic and Information Support Services building, across from the datacenter (servers), and next to the chopshop of sorts, where the various desktops are assembled or worked upon.

Because of some new hirings, the offices got shuffled around, my boss moved into the conference room, and all three Web Services student workers (myself included) were crammed into his old cubicle. It’s not too bad: there’s enough room, I suppose, and there’s a wall-mounted fan that’s nice, but it’s noisy now, with all the noise from the front (namely Cathy, the nice but verbose secretary) coming into the doorless, ceilingless cubicle.

Still, I suppose I can get used to it.

This fall will be a monster, I think. I’m technically signed up for 18 credit hours, plus another 17 hours of work per week. I was only at 15 class hours, but one of my computer teachers asked me to be in a topics course. Basically, it consists of rebuilding a company’s website. Granted, the only web languages I know are html and css, but that’s what the seniors are for. They can deal with the php or asp or vb; I’ll sit back, maybe make some stylesheets, and reap 3 hours of upper-level credit.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Joshua says:

    I dig the new layout btw. Quite minimalist, Japnese-ish style- I like.

  2. rob says:

    Don’t learn ASP. For the good of your sanity, learn PHP =) Nice design by the way :)

    DE from UM

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