Same sex couples start marrying in Massachussetts. Back when this issue was fairly fresh, I had a decent amount of commentary (Gavin Newsom for President!) on it. The legislature can’t even do anything about it until 2006, but I’m nervous as to the power of conservatives. All the more reason to get Bush out of office. If that stupid prick is spouting his constitutional amendment nonsense, it’ll spur the homophobes even more.

People don’t seem to equate liberalism with high standards of living. But it’s no surprise that liberal/socialist countries like the Netherlands, Canada, or Scandinavia have consistently higher standards of living (according to the HDR). That’s what liberalism means: everyone is taken care of. That is, if you aren’t a greedy bastard.

The American Idol voting system may not be accurate. Oh, say it ain’t so! I’ve detested this concept since it initially aired. The media and corporate juggernauts have long been responsible for creating pop stars, but have rarely been so forward as to come out and show it. That, essentially, is the premise of this show: a media conglomerate chooses young men and women to sing overglorified karaoke on national television, and then every schmuck with a access to a telephone calls and votes for whoever turns him/her on. These people are picked solely for their singing voices; not for songwriting, not for dedication, not for talent, lyricism, or musical intuition. It is pop whoring at its ugliest.

You know they’re reviving Menudo, too?

Bush celebrates Brown vs. Board. True, total education funding has increased during Bush’s administration. However, it’s nowhere near what he promised when he initiated No Child Left Behind.

I remember several months ago when he attended a memorial on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, and no one wanted him there. Coretta Scott King even criticised him, saying how much he was hurting civil rights. Pompous asshole.

Coalition forces in Iraq find sarin gas device. Great, now I’m going to have to listen to conservative nitwits insist that this is proof of WMDs. For those of you too lazy to read the essay, let me sum it up for you: an old-school artillery shell with sarin gas (deadly chemical agent) in it was rigged as a booby trap. Nobody died. U.S. Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt said it was an old type, which Hussein said he had gotten rid of. I shudder to think what Limbaugh has to say.

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