And I must say, the attempts by websites to engage in April Fools jokes thus far have been rather mediocre. Also, the day wreaks havoc with business announcements. Google, for instance, unveiled its plan to provide free web-based email service (GMail), and it was widely believed to be a joke, even though it’s not.

I told my friend Ben (or, as he has been called, my nomenclatorial doppleganger) this morning about my father’s heart attack. “Nice try,” he said. “No, I’m not kidding,” I replied. Silence. Oops.

Speaking of which, however, Pop is doing fine. He’s home now, and though he has to take it easy, it’s pretty much business as usual. Of course, I can’t even walk around the University without people asking how he’s doing (he works there), but such is a small price to pay, I guess. I’d rather have them asking for updates than giving condolences, if you catch my drift.

Also NOT an April Fool’s joke is the announcement today of Microsoft’s plans to release Windows XP 64-bit on June 23rd (as well as some other new software, including their much-hyped SP2). I can’t wait.

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