Al Sharpton is for gay marriage. I didn’t believe it, but when he personally told this to a close friend of mine, well, what can I say?

John Kerry is not for gay marriage. He is for civil unions, and for letting the ultimate responsibility for gay marriage’s legality rest upon the states. While I’m glad he’s at least not a bigot, his plan could easily go to hell.

1. According to the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, no state must recognize the gay marriages/unions of another state. So, if the decision for gay marriage varies from state to state, we’re going to have another civil war of sorts.

2. What Kerry is essentially saying is that the responsibility for making that decision lies one stratum closer to the people. A constitutional (read: federal) amendment regarding homosexual rights lies with bureaucrats on Capitol Hill, in the limelight, under intense political (and less constituent) pressure. Unfortunately, I find no reason why, even if this issue was determined entirely by popular vote (like the 2000 election should have been, the outcome would be something to smile about.

Consider that self-determination is one of the most basic facets of American liberty. Any average Joe can decide how he lives his life, how he votes, how he dresses, etc etc etc, all within reason. But, since when has anybody ever really known what they want? Current polls show a majority of Americans against legalising gay marriage. Just as, I’m sure, a majority of Americans used to be against black civil rights. A country of free, self-determining bigots is going to have bigoted laws, and there comes a point where someone, dictatorial though it may be, has to step in and set things right for the sake of Liberty at Large.

Kerry, in an effort to appeal to moderates and conservatives, is only toeing the line of social egalitarianism, and while he’ll certainly be a damn sight better than that cheeseater Bush, I worry that this nation is going to wind up and poke itself in the eyeball.

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