Ok, we do, but we prefer to prolong it as long as possible in favor of writing code, playing games, or otherwise tinkering with our custom boxes. The last week, I’ve installed 5 operating systems (or, rather, 3 OSs 5 times), played games, monitored the aforementioned server switch, and attempted to install a webmail module (which, I am told by my host, will work soon enough). Of course, this doesn’t make waking up in the morning any fun, but such is life.

My junior year of high school, I got Final Fantasy VIII for the PC, and for a week straight, stayed up until 3+am every night playing it. By Friday, I was severely blitzed in the head. Then, of course, I didn’t have the skills I have now, so while a 3am week may not be fun, it wouldn’t kill me like it did then.

The human body is a funny thing, with what it can get used to, and its little idiosyncrasies. For instance, Vicodin doesn’t do diddly squat for me. Its narcotic effect just doesn’t take place (and neither, might I add, does its painkilling effect). Like my good friend Rick Rebollar (and former forensic scientist, currently professor of biology and chemistry) said, for a drug to work, the body has to have the right kind of chemical receptors. Just like phenolphthalein paper is bitter to some and not to others.

I was thinking about sleep yesterday, because my brother’s girlfriend slept until 1 in the afternoon. I, having gone to bed even later than her, was up at 6.30. Oh, how I envied her! And I used to be just like her. But lately, I haven’t been able to sleep in, even when I stay up late. Generally, I wake up at 9 or 10, fairly well-rested, and if I continue to sleep, my back starts to hurt. ‘kin nature.

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