It’s installed. The last two times I tried Linux (first with RedHat 9 and then with Mandrake 9.2), I ended up running away screaming. Now I have Mandrake 10.0 installed, and I want to stick with Linux. I just want a different version. I like Mandrake, but I’d prefer to go to the new Fedora Core. RedHat/Fedora is typically better supported, not so damn solicitous, and has better customization options.

I’m facing a quandry, in that there are currently two options available for me in terms of Fedora. The first is to get a slightly older (and stable) build for my 64-bit processor, but uses an older kernel and GUI, and the second is to get the bleeding each test build, which is 32-bit, but has the new kernel and latest GUI. I still haven’t decided.

So I sit at work, with an hour left to go, and then a further 3 hours in Database class, before I can go home and monkey around with my computer again.

It also doesn’t help that my hardware configuration makes dual booting Windows XP and Linux a pain in the ass. I’ll keep you posted. Perhaps my next blog will be written from Linux.

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  1. ffanatic says:

    Glad it’s going well so far. There’s a kid on my floor who installed on his computer (for kicks) an OS called Minuet. The OS is so small that it fit on a floppy disk. I thought it would suck, but actually, it wasn’t really that bad, unless you count the fact that it couldn’t run any programs. Anyways good luck with Linux.

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