When your boss tells you to “go ahead and relax today.”

So, here I am, with my cup of coffee, updating my blog, listening to A Silver Mt. Zion. Maybe I’ll even design another banner graphic for my site. Who knows?

I’m scheduled to fix computers for two different people today. After work, I go straight to my mother’s office (a urology office) to tinker with some computers for her boss. Then, after Allison gets home from Driver’s Ed (good luck, baby!), we have to go to her grandparents’ house to fix their computer. We were there on Sunday, but it’s been so long since I’ve used Windows 98 DOS that I’d forgotten the command I wanted (specifically, C:/format /mbr), and had to leave to look it up. I just hope it will work. I think they managed to FUBAR their Master Boot Record, so the system just starts up to DOS now. If this doesn’t work, I may just have to system restore.

§322 · March 11, 2004 · ·

2 Comments to “Define a “dream job””

  1. ffanatic says:

    Dream job indeed. That sounds great; I wish my boss told me to “go ahead and relax today.”

    Wait, I don’t have a boss.


  2. abou says:

    Hey, DOS isn’t so bad.

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