Mmmm…. Logitech speakers….. my old Creative Labs speakers gave up the ghost last week, so I ordered the 6-piece Logitech Z-640. Currently, I’m listening to a mix of Sarah McLachlan, The Mars Volta, and a band I just recently discovered called Sleeping at Last (from Wheaton, Illinois, even). In my mind, they fall halfway between Radiohead and Pinneapple Thief. They pull it off well, though.

Unfortunately, while I was installing them, my optical mouse happened to break. It was a cheap thing, anyway. My father got it and a keyboard to match my Thermaltake case for Christmas. I thought they’d be good equipment, but the keyboard was full of useless buttons (mostly for Microsoft Office Suite, but I use OpenOffice), and was arranged in a way that was not at all conducive to gaming. So I’m using some plain black keyboard (I think it might be a Compaq) that works well. Now, of course, my mouse broke, so I’m back to using a plain black Belkin roll-ball. *sigh*

Allison has tomorrow off (but I don’t), so she was free to hang out today. We ended up taking her dumb (I use the term affectionately) dog for a walk (Look! Poop! It’s d—- hey! more poop!), drove to Kohl’s to buy socks they didn’t have, and ate dinner at Panera Bread (I also needed to get my sister a gift card), and cuddled while watching Law and Order.

I need to be working on my accounting homework. Also something for an essay on quantum physics. Instead, I think I’ll make something to eat. First things first, after all.

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  1. Allison says:

    Hey there! Yeah no school for me until tuesday. Yep. lol. I’ll be sleeping while your at school tomorrow. hehe. Well tonight was great. goodnight

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