I’m a liberal idiot. Yes, that’s right. My mother impressed this upon me this morning as we were arguing about gay marriages. John Kerry came on the news and was speaking about the issue. John Kerry, for those of you who don’t know, is not for gay marriage, but believes that the issue should be left up to the states. Essentially, however, any one state legally granting gay marriages essentially forces the others to recognize said matrimony. Regardless, Kerry’s about as much of a friend in high places as homosexuals have. My mother’s response to Kerry any time he comes on TV (even when she can’t hear what he’s saying) is “Shut up, Kerry.” I imagine this alone is almost enough to make him stop compaigning.

My mother’s masterful political rhetoric more or less solidifies the conclusion I had already drawn: she knows little to nothing about politics. She likes George Bush because he’s a Republican (and she, like her parents before her, is a die-hard supporter of the G.O.P.) and he’s a dutiful Christian (ditto), and his gross misconduct following the attacks on the World Trade Building apparently played to her easy nationalism. Moreover, Bush is trying to introduce more and more religion into secular government, which is fine by her. Nevermind that theocracies in the past have been utter failures. What we need is some is some God in our government! [sic]

She said that gay marriage should be illegal because it’s a sin. Also that it’s tantamount to abortion (which, remember, is out and out murder in her mind). Yes, you read that right: two adults of the same gender engaging in a private consensual relationship is on par with infanticide.

At that point, I realised that this was not a fight worth having.

What is particularly saddening about all this is that my heresy is quite grievous to my mother, who, no matter how often I voice these opinions, is taken completely off-guard by the idea that her son would break away from his parents’ beliefs and be a…. liberal. Shh! Don’t tell anyone!

The damnedest thing is, I can’t otherwise figure out why she likes Bush. After all, his tax cuts left us choking on dust, his economy is hurting her three children entering or soon-to-be entering the job market, his environmental plan will give said children hell, and given that she was valedictorian of damn near everything, his stuperous ignorance should be a severe turn-off. But no. In her middle years, my mother has softened, pampered by the luxury of remoteness from things that affect her. What does she care about a war in Iraq, or civil rights (she’s kind of a bigot), or anything particularly topical? She just votes Partisan and goes to church, and anything that doesn’t fall in to said categorisation must not be particularly important.

I can only hope, when I am her age, that I’m not afflicted with the same kind of languor. I may be dispassionate, but I’m also concerned about what the crazy world is going to do within my lifetime. We don’t need any more presidents straight out of the 1950s (“Everybody’s out to get us, there’s nothing wrong with the environment, and family life that doesn’t resemble Leave It To Beaver is scandalous”), especially greedy corporate bastards like George “W is for Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth” Bush.

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  1. Allison says:

    I agree with you. Bush is an idiot and I feel sorry for your mom (even though I love her to death). Well I love you.

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