It’s midweek. That time hanging nebulously between the salvation of the weekend and the eye boogers of Monday morning. Personally, anything after Monday is generally a breeze for me, since Mondays are my longer day, and Tuesdays through Fridays, I’m done with school and work by 2pm. I’d like to be drinking coffee right now, but I’m trying resolutely to abstain from it. I’m helpless; I’m an addict.

I’ve found lately that I have a lot of flaws. For instance, I’m a great big jerk. A tolerable one, I’m sure, but a great big jerk nonetheless. I’m slightly obsessive compulsive, for instance. Change rather frightens me. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that I’m too apathetic to change. I thought of this when I got out of the shower this morning, and realised that every morning, I wake up at more or less the exact same time, stagger to the bathroom, engage in the exact same movements, the same patterns when drying myself off. There have been occasions when I was so tired, I forgot what I was doing, and in my confusion, disrupted the pattern, and was greatly upset.

Partially, I think, this stems from ease. The less I have to think about my daily routines, the more free my mind is to explore important subjects, such as cosmology, etymology, and sex. That last one just sort of happens on its own. I blame my merrymaker.

And speaking of sex: if you haven’t heard already, the mayor of San Francisco, one Gavin Newsom, has for the time being (until a court shuts it down) legalized out & out gay marriages. For the past week or so, people from all over (and out of) California have been lined up around the city courthouse, waiting to tie the knot. I, for one, couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m not a homosexual, but having once been a rather conservative homophobe (see? aren’t I a big doodyhead?), currently find discrimination against homosexuals to be disgusting, and this nonsense about “marriage being between a man and a woman” is nothing more than a desperate cling to comfortable tradition (now you see why I started this blog the way I did). As it stands, several God-fearing, conservative organizations are trying to put the kabosh on Newsom’s revolution. Randy Thomasson, executive director for the Campaign for California Families, actually had the gall to say “The renegade mayor of San Francisco is violating the state law. He’s pretending to be a dictator. He’s imposing his own values upon the citizenry, and he is really out of order.”

Imposing his values on the citizenry?! No, Randy, that would be you. What Newsom has done is declare that the government has no right to impose its values on people. It’s groups like the CCF that are herding the population into its killing floor of conformity. I think once again, this issue comes down to the separation of church and state. If churches don’t want to marry gays, that’s their business. But they have no right whatsoever to force those same ecumenical dictates upon a secular government. I can think of no convincing reason for homosexuals to be denied the rite of marriage on a political/social/financial level.

I have no doubts that the tide will turn. Currently, 37 states (37!) have rules against gay marriages. A few are offering “civil unions” and the like, which provide some, but not all, of the benefits of marriage. This is really no different than the ban on interracial marriages in the mid-20th century. Sooner or later, common sense is able to overrule the bigots. In Canada, gay marriages are legal country-wide. Marijuana, as well, has been decriminalised. It’s cold in Canada, but apparently, it’s much smarter as well.

Humans are dangerously attached to their convictions, silly as they might be. America, for all of its supposed freedoms and contemporanæity, is a dinosaur of practical morality. Americans are led to believe that their country is a beacon of individuals liberties, a pioneer of civil rights, and a haven for all those oppressed. As a result, we don’t think we need to change or improve. We’re fine just the way we are, gosh darnit, so let’s thank God for what we have and forget everything that got us here.

For information on this topic, check out: CNN

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